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You can now benefit from the only professional rental system for Intense Pulsed Light devices. Our performant equipments are delivered in maximum security conditions.

rent a cryo

The professional equipments used in remodeling through LASER assisted Cryolipolysis are now available. Opt for a secure rental system and you will be convinced of the equipments` performance.

rent a laser

Hair removal and tattoo removal is now possible thanks to LASERs. Through our unique rental system you can convince yourself of the equipments` efficiency and reliability.

rent a hifu

You can now convince yourself of the performance and benefits of HIFU technology (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), thanks to our profesional rental system.

Our desire to provide the highest level of learning and development made L`Ortec Medical transfer the training of operating personnel to the Start Academy aesthetics school.

When acquiring equipment from L`Ortec Medical, our clients get free training through conceptual lectures for each brand, protocol and application.

Permanent hair removal
Permanent Make-Up
Body Reshaping
Facial Aesthetics
Tattoo Removal

We have a generous collection of Aesthetics Classes

Turnkey Business

We are looking for business-minded people who genuinely share our vision and values.
We believe in building profitable partnerships and look always for the long term relationship with our franchisees.
The right partner, combined with our leading franchise system and support team is a recipe for success.
If you have ever wanted to own your own business, now is the time to get in touch!

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The 30m2 spaces represent the minimum surface for centers that provide aesthetic services. Compact, yet generous enough to provide freedom of movement, they have an aired area for developing your business. The 30m2 cabinets come equipped with the basics for technicians who are at the beginning of the road, while allowing you to personalize the space. [...]

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If you reached that point in your career as an esthetician where you feel the time has come to expand your business, we recommend the 60m2 spaces. These cabinets come with several types of face and body aesthetic equipments, in order to give you the possibility to cover a wider range of services to the satisfaction of your customers. [...]

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The 90m2 centers represent the most comprehensive pack and they come to the aid of aestheticians who need a generous space and a large variety of aesthetic and medical equipment. These centers represent the upgrade point, moving to the next level, which translates into a complete and complex packa of Face and Body aesthetic services. [...]

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